A scoop of air

How do you travel? Alone? With family? Friends? Strangers who become friends? Are you able to find time to be alone with yourself during your travels? Or is it too crowded to be with your thoughts? Do you like it noisy or serene or a mix of both? Me? I am blessed to have both.... Continue Reading →

Miss me?

Hello my lovely and some not-so-lovely people! Here I am! Back after a long, mostly necessary break and some lazy excuse later, trying once more to annoy the hell out of you. If you are here wanting to laugh your worry out or would like to take your mind off of the daily grind of... Continue Reading →

To the Mindless Muslim

When I had first started freelancing, I didn't give much thought about setting a fair fee for my services. For me, exposure meant everything. It's not as if I was in need of earning anything. Hey! As long as they publish my name and give me complete credit for this piece of writing, who cares... Continue Reading →

My Right to Cover

I write this in the good faith that people who read it will be more than willful to understand a point of view which might not be compatible with their own. That I, as someone who has lived, is living these moments, am entitled to my story, in my words, as I see it best... Continue Reading →

To be Me…

I have cried without explanations. Without a reason. A verse, a memory, a thought has made me cry. The state of the world, of the Ummah has made me shed tears. The realization of my own blessed situation has. The realization that I haven't been tested enough has. The fact that the closer I get... Continue Reading →

Musings of a Spectacled Mind

Whenever we drive through the city, this or any other, there are points in that drive where the car slows down. Causes could be many: heavy traffic, a red light, an emergency vehicle screeching behind you, or kids screaming in the backseat for a favorite snack. Once we take care of that situation, there are... Continue Reading →

Parenting with a P

Something I have realized strongly about being a parent is that you can’t be sick. Not that you physically can’t. Just means you can never assert on your little ones that you are sick. Try using that term and almost every parent knows what happens after that. Cue: a lot of poking, prodding and check-ups.... Continue Reading →

An Unrelated Rant

Hello People who tolerate my rants in the form of blogs... Gear up for another one. This time simple ramblings of my mind as they come to me. Although I have to ask, why the hell do you guys read such ramblings? No no no...do NOT get me wrong like the server at one of... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Clumsy

Disclaimer: This is not an encouragement to watch movies and/or TV series; especially since I have somewhat ceased indulging in them for some time now. Any and all talks of such are merely thoughts put into words of whenever I was exposed to them. Stress on 'was'. A scene in the past: The typical trope... Continue Reading →


So...I do not shake hands. I used to, just don't do it anymore. Actually I really stopped this practice only 3 years back. When I did, I realized that I would have to come up with a response which could attempt to explain what would be termed as; a) Conservative and b) Weird behavior in... Continue Reading →

Child Monster

Strong things come in tiny packages. Before I get a backlash, let me clarify something. Neither I, nor Mr. A have named either of our kids as Child Monster. The closest I came to doing that will be detailed below. What is this post about? Apart from it being about our kids? This post is... Continue Reading →


This comes from a place of immense humility and gratitude. Why today? Why now? I do not know. All I know is that the feeling is much too deep to be condensed into one blog post. Nevertheless, I shall try. Not because I want to write somewhat of an autobiography; but because this blog page... Continue Reading →

Aeroplanes? / Airplanes?

The mandatory first-time-on-a-plane pic I have been obsessed with airplanes (aeroplanes?) since childhood. As long as I could remember, I had dreamt of being seated inside of it. The sight of the smooth, streamlined features of the metallic bird always sent a ripple of amazement and excitement through me. Whenever the sun glinted off the... Continue Reading →

Quarantine till now…

The past few months have been…interesting for me. More than ever have I seen changes in myself, and those around me. Have been able to identify those who have been actively supporting us and those that have stuck to verbal support. Verbal support is a good thing. But it soon becomes tinged as a diabolic... Continue Reading →

Time Out

A picture I took on my phone when we made the trip from Pune to Mahabaleshwar on bike as a newly married couple. Here’s something I learnt post becoming a parent: Time-out’s are not just for kids. Honestly, it should be a much promoted and endorsed adult concept. Why, you ask? Well…what usually happens in... Continue Reading →

Alvida Ramadan…

The last few days of Ramadan have passed by in a flash. Before it had the time to sink in, it’s already the night of 27th. What’s so special about this Ramadan? I don’t know. All I know is that it feels different. It feels more rejuvenating than all the last. This year, maybe saying... Continue Reading →

The Circle, Desi Moms, and Chapati

The dining area of my current kitchen. The battleground for roundness with a round table. Lol. This post will specifically be relatable to my Desi sisters. Why you ask? Because in the process of growing up, all the Desi Kudis (girls), have to hear the following. “Roti gol bana warna koi shadi nahi karega!” (Learn... Continue Reading →

Parenting 101? 301? Goodness me! Which one?

Confused by the headline? Try the following conversation. Jr.A Part 1: (Whining) Me: “What happened?” Jr.A Part 1: “I want cookies!” Me: “Alright then! Here’s a cookie!” (hands them a cookie) Jr.A Part 1: (crying louder) “Not this cookie!” Me: (takes away the cookie, gives them another one.) Jr.A Part 1: (Practically screaming now) “You... Continue Reading →


Faith, or Imaan as we call it, forms a huge part of my life. In all firmness, it is the foundation over which every other thing in my life rests. If it weakens, everything will undoubtedly crumble to dust. There is a verse in the Holy Qur’an that speaks to me whenever I am down... Continue Reading →

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